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3rd Annual Walk for Kailey Florkiewicz
May 17th, 2015 ~ 12:00pm to 5:00pm
Griffith/Merrillville Airport
Griffith, IN


Dear NNPDF Families and Friends,

It's time again for the 3rd Annual Walk for Kailey, in honor of Kailey Florkiewicz (NPC), being held this year at the Griffith/Merrillville Airport.

Come show your support and join the Florkiewicz family and friends for a fun day of walking, silent auction, shopping & airplane rides!  There are also fun kids activities like a nature scavenger hunt, family friendly walk checkpoints and great food!  Proceeds from the event will be directly donated to the NNPDF to benefit NPC research!

For more information, you can view the event flyer, or to register for the walk you can visit the website:

If you are also going to be in the area on May 4th, the local Texas Roadhouse is doing a Fundraiser Night where 10% of all food purchases will be donated as well!

[Apr 29th, 2015 ~ blg]


Yankee Candle Fundraiser ~ In Memory of Bryanna Desouza
March 12th- June 31st, 2015
Naugatuck, CT
~ONLINE & Local Fundraiser~

Bryanna Desouza (NPC)
Jan 20, 1992 ~ Dec 5, 2006

Judy Desouza is once again holding a Yankee Candle fundraiser in Memory of her daughter, Bryanna (NPC), both local AND online! Now you can be anywhere in the US and still participate by ordering the world's best loved candle!

Many of us already buy these long lasting candles, so why not purchase them to benefit the NNPDF? With over 50 scents and new ones being created each year you are sure to find one that is perfect for you!  Give them as a gift, or purchase one for yourself to indulge in these wonderful scents.

Judy, in working with Yankee Candles, has dedicated 40% of profits for both local and online orders to come to the NNPDF, with shipping being either:

  • $5.99 shipping flat fee for orders under $100.00
  • Free shipping on orders over $100.00

Online orders can ship direct to anywhere in the USA!

Yankee Candle Fundraising ~ NNPDF Storefront

The online store is officially Online

Judy's in person, local ordering will start on March 12th-March 27th, 2015 if you don't want to purchase online and are local to Naugatuck, Connecticut.

[Jan 24th, 2015 ~ UPDATED: Mar 3rd, 2015 ~blg]


~On hiatus till further notice~

Dillon's Fight

Frederick, Maryland

We are excited to announce that

Foster's Grille

has proudly joined the ranks of Dillon’s Army!

Beginning on Monday, June 2nd, and continuing on THE FIRST MONDAY OF EACH MONTH until the end of the year, Foster’s Grille, located at 8925 Fingerboard Road in Turning Point Center, will donate 25% of all sales proceeds to the National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation. Furthermore, Foster’s will match any amount raised through your patronage. 

The NNPDF, a national 501(c)(3) non-profit, works to support  and promote research to find treatments and a cure for Niemann-Pick Disease (NPD).  As a rare orphan disease with fewer than 500 diagnosed cases in the US, funding on a national level is slim, and families are left with few options for their children.  The families of the NNPDF in a true “grass-roots effort” have taken on the challenge head-on and work diligently to raise funds to assist with the support of this vital and potentially life-saving research.

Please plan on joining your friends and neighbors on Mondays at Foster’s Grille.

Never doubt how your small gesture can make a big difference to the Papier family and others with children living with this horrible disease.  Every dollar raised brings new hope!  

[May 27, 2008]


Willow Wicks Fundraiser Candles

Lisa Chavez of New Mexico and mom to Breann who passed away in 2006
at age 3 from NPC, has hand-crafted candles for sale.

For more information on how to order a candle seen below,
visit or mail in the order form with payment.

Fundraiser Candle

Proceeds from this candle go to the National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation. 

This foundation's goals are to promote research into a cure for NPD, along with connecting families who are struggling with this rare disease, helping alleviate feelings of isolation and despair. 
item #          cost            size
FR-NF         $20.00      16oz. - soy
scent - creamsicle
Picture of Breann relying on the help of her mom and dad to take a few steps.

Ducks For Bucks Candle

Proceeds from this candle go to Ducks for Bucks, a fundraiser that was created in memory of Breann Chavez and her love for her ducks.  Ducks for Bucks raises money for Niemann-Pick families.  Money is given directly to the families so that they may use it in the way that will best help them at the time.  It is the goal of Ducks for Bucks to help give a little extra money to these families who have no extra time.  For more information on Ducks for Bucks call 505-632-7649

Item #      cost          size
FR-DD     $20.00    16oz. - soy
scent - creamsicle
Picture is of Breann sitting by the pond with her ducks.

[April 29, 2008]


Kids Behavior Control Exercise (KBCE)
Product Sales to Benefit NNPDF


The Kids Behavior Control Exercise system was designed by Vander Braflat to provide parents with a means of constructive discipline and behavior modification.  Proceeds from the sale of the KBCE will benefit the NNPDF in memory of Vander's daughter, Bryanna DeSouza, who passed away in 2006, at the age of 14, from the effects of Niemann-Pick Disease Type C. 

To learn more about the KBCE or to place an order, please visit .

[Mar 17, 2011 mem]